Live training with Dr. Russ Kinkade
How to recharge when you're feeling drained. 
A Principle Based Approach
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If you’re fed up fighting fatigue – and relying on caffeine
to keep you going – you won’t want to miss this free webinar.
How do you bounce back when life knocks you down? 
How do you bend, but not break in the storms of life?
How do you rise again from the ashes of defeat?
Tracy Terrill, President Shepherds College
As both a trainer and a leadership coach, Dr. Kinkade’s impact on Shepherds College has been significant. His trainings are as valuable as any I have ever attended, as he has addressed numerous topics that are germane to the successful operation of any school, business or church. 
  • Identify the core foundational values that keep you grounded
  • Discern the difference between working harder and working smarter
  • Discover the key to pushing through when pain stops you in your tracks
Finding yourself drained and fatigued? Embrace a Principled Approach to developing Resilience.
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12:00 PM
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